The Adventurer CX: What’s Your CX Personality?


Customer Experience, or CX, is the collection of interactions between a business and its customers. The customers’ perceptions of this experience and the resulting feelings about the company dictate brand value and are measured with metrics such as NPS. Brand value ultimately determines the company’s future and longevity.  As such, understanding your personal approach to CX is critical.

To evaluate your own CX approach, consider discovering your CX personality.  While no one personality type is better than the other, each one comes with it’s own strengths and weaknesses. By taking this quiz, you can identify the strengths that drive your growth and zoom in on the weaknesses that could use some work. Fix up those vulnerabilities, and you’ll be on your way to providing the ideal customer experience in no time.

Are you the Adventurer CX?


Taking the Adventurer approach to CX means you are a highly resourceful and spontaneous thinker with the ability to react very quickly on your feet. These traits make it very easy for you to provide a personalized CX and leave your customers in awe of the way your adapt your tools and methods to solve a problem at the highest level of customizations.  You take an air of excitement wherever you go and can be the life of your team in the workplace.

Strengths List

  • Spontaneous and resourceful
  • Quick to react in any situation
  • Can adapt tools and methods to new situations quickly
  • Expert at reversing a once-opponent’s opinion
  • Connects well with working environment

Weaknesses List

  • Can exhibit risky behavior
  • Sometimes could be too quick to make decisions
  • Can end up leaving the customer behind in conversation
  • Could end up detached from the team due to a desire to explore different ways


A personalized CX is always the ultimate goal, but it is vital to ensure that your methods to provide this are sustainable and replicable. You must be able to measure your successes and put forth a sense of control and security during customer engagements. Your customers are interested in an enjoyable interaction and a great product, but for high retention rates, they should also leave the conversation with great confidence in your company’s ability to provide consistently high-quality service.