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Digital Customer Service is Not Just for Digital Natives Anymore

A recap of perspectives from business leaders on how to transform OnScreen DCS experiences as we’ve all evolved to become 'Digital Natives.'

“Phone” and “Voice” Aren’t The Same Thing

Glia CEO Dan Michaeli recounts a “light bulb” moment he had during the early launch phase of the Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform.

How Can Digital Customer Service Improve Contact Center Efficiency?

As you move to Digital Customer Service, here are 4 strategies that you should consider to streamline your operations and reduce call handle times.

Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

Digital Customer Service: Transforming Customer Experience for an On-Screen World, is out today! Learn how you can meet customers where they are... OnScreen.

Now It’s Our Turn

Exciting new book on Digital Customer Service details the extraordinary opportunity to transform the customer experience OnScreen and provides a roadmap for how your company can get there.

What If Every Phone Call Was Considered a Failure?

Serving customers on their screen is the definition of customer-centricity. Today, customers making a separate call should be thought of as a failure.

Cardholder Experience is a Powerful Driver to Push Credit Cards “Top...

Financial institutions can push their credit cards “top of wallet” and “top of service" through improved cardholder experiences online.

Game Changer: Providing Premium Agent Experiences

Insurance carriers can differentiate themselves with a focus on digital-first agent experiences. Up-leveling Agent Portals increases loyalty and business.

Time to Replace Your Corporate Phone Number for a Digital-First Strategy

Replacing, not removing, your corporate phone number on digital properties enables richer customer experiences and broader communication choices.

FlexWork: Bending the Future of Work to Our Will at Glia

Wherever their productivity sweet spot lies, we're offering Glia team members the flexibility to explore what doing their best work means for them.
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